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Club Sparkle has helped to improve tens of thousands of people’s lives to live the "Sparkle Life" - a Life with No Limits! We help people experience a whole new world of health, wealth, personal development, happiness and adventure! This dynamic opportunity already proven and established in Japan is now laying the groundwork for its USA Expansion.

Direct Connect Marketing

Our unique business model uses an innovative platform called DCM -DIRECT CONNECT MARKETING and is powered by a lucrative Profit-Sharing Program that generously sets aside 55% of all Global Sales into a Profit-Sharing Pool in which all of our Members can participate. Thousands have made fortunes and continually enjoy fun, healthy, happy and adventurous lifestyles. Now, it’s your turn.


Founder & President, Lani Dizon, was featured in an interview in MyVegas magazine and was voted one of the “TOP 100 WOMEN OF THE YEAR.”
The Chairman, Anthony Diaz, was also featured in an interview in MyVegas magazine and was voted one of the “TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR."

Dr. David Stella

I think everyone should be on ION5. We can calculate about 90 percent of aliments to a mineral deficiency which affects the alkalinity of a person’s body. When you become acidic is when you start having issues. If you could just do one thing with your health it’s making sure your body pH is alkaline. What I see for Club Sparkle is education. Education in what is good for the body because people don’t know what they are putting in theirs.

Dr. Daniel Hecker

With Club Sparkle Products, what you get are nutrient-rich supplements that you can easily implement into your daily routine. What’s more exciting is that you get the building blocks that the body needs to be healthy and energetic all while having the opportunity to build residual income like many of my patients have achieved!

Dr. Stella Lau

Club Sparkle is a great company to help us get healthier, not just for general overall health, but also for eye health. I believe that the products are going to help prevent eye disease from occurring and Club Sparkle has really given me the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people across the whole world. I really treasure that opportunity and it really has allowed me to live a Life with No Limits!

Chef Wai Aung

A lot of people are trying to eat healthily, so Sparkle products are a great ingredient for me to use in the kitchen. I made one recipe, tested it, made another recipe and I tested it. I kept incorporating Nectura into everything - marinade, dressings, reductions and it turned out delicious! The reason I’m doing it is because of all the ingredients and all the nutrition is in one bottle allowing you to do so much. I’m sure everyone can try Nectura with all different kinds of recipes. Add it to a recipe that you like!


In the midst of a Global Health Crisis, now is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your immune systems, earn additional income, and build a business from home.

Proven in Japan, these remarkable Wellness Products help build your immune system with pure and natural ingredients making wellness Fun, Simple, and Delicious.
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"Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great couldn’t be more true of my experience with Club Sparkle. The natural healing, nutrient and mineral absorption at the cell level was felt immediately and unparalleled to anything I had tried before. I continue to feel and see the healing and youthful benefits of taking these products every day since. Club Sparkle has been so much more, and I am so grateful for the amazing network of people I have met who all having a common vision to improve health and wellness for themselves and others. It’s been exciting to be part of this growing organization and at the ground floor of something so special." 

-Karen Daoust 
“Throughout my career, I’ve been approached by many companies to promote their products. I have never felt the desire to promote any product, until Club Sparkle. That’s because Club Sparkle has scientifically designed all-natural products that genuinely will make a difference in your health. Their business model is a people helping people business designed for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life while earning money at the same time.”

-Gary Spivey
“My husband has had eczema from boyhood for 47 years, and suffered from ‘eczema face.’ I cannot tell you how many doctors he consulted. Sometimes, he scratched his skin off from head to toe. He tried one supplement after another at a staggering financial cost. After trying so many different ones, and spending around $200,000 over many years, he was ready to give up, still without successfully treating his eczema. One day, a friend introduced Nectura to my husband. After drinking Nectura for some time, my husband’s skin began turning smooth, his skin itchiness has eased, hair grew on his temples where the roots seemed dead, and his eyebrows grew bushy. Even his uneven forehead skin is toned-up and smoother. It was hard for him to look people in the eye before, and he worried about his family. But now, when I see
his joyful, smiling face in the mirror, I’m grateful beyond words that Nectura is part of our lives!”

-Keiko Togami
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